Guide to hiring the best photo booth

Have you been to a wedding in the last few years and there hasn’t been a photo booth for guests to pull silly faces or drunkenly squeeze into with a group of mates? If you have, then you must be one of the few. Photo booths have become a great way to remember a fun night spent with family and friends at big parties or events. For a standard photo booth, you might pile in, take a picture and collect a print afterwards. But there are additional features to make the experience even better. So, if you’re searching for ‘photo booth hire‘ and want to know which features can help create the best memories for your event, read on and we’ll go through them.

Photo Booth Photo

Fancy dress and green screen

It’s a well-known fact that cowboy hats and large novelty glasses make everything more fun. Photo booths with a selection of costumes and props will entice the silly side of guests, making these moments extra memorable. Green screen technology allows users to choose the background image for photos. You could be transported around the world without leaving the booth.

Customisable print design

If you are hosting an event with a theme, printed photos can match this theme. For example, if you have a Halloween party, filters can be added to increase photo effects. Colour themes for weddings can also be included for consistency across your big day.

Albums and USB sticks

Create a collection of the best photos with an album, or if you want to give guests the chance to look at the photos and pick their personal favourites, all photos can be stored on a USB and sent on. A link can also be provided to a private gallery. Instant duplicate prints mean multiple users can keep a print of the photo, so no fighting over who gets to put it on the mantelpiece.

Upload the photos straight to social media accounts

Some photo booths will give the option to upload photos to your Facebook or Instagram accounts straight after they’re taken. The interface is easy to use thanks to an informative booth butler and after a few clicks, everyone online will know you’re having a great time.

Photo booths are now an essential part of big-event fun. But you don’t want to fork out for one that won’t give you value for money. So, be on the lookout for these features in future.

Personal Protection Dogs

What is a personal protection dog?

Personal protection dogs are a specialist type of service dog. They are trained to stay with the individual they are protecting and protect them if any threats do occur. They are trained to quickly act and intervene should the security of the individual be threatened in any way.  As well as this, they are loving, family pets.

Protection Dog

Is a trained dog the answer?

For a variety of reasons and living with the threats of the modern world, the majority of people wish to further improve the security surrounding themselves, their property or their assets. Whilst there are multiple ways to do this, a trained personal protection dog provides an understated yet, effective solution to do so. Well trained personal protection dogs are most definitely a tangible asset in today’s world to deter and discourage the bad people who live in our society.

Training of a personal protection dog

Personal protection dogs are trained to respond to any potential threat which may occur. They are trained to do this in a measured format depending on the level of danger that the threat is causing. The first approach a protection dog will take is to try and deter the assailant by controlled aggression. Usually, during this stage the dog with either bark or growl. In many cases, this will suffice the problem, however if not, the trained protection dog will take further action.

If the owner is in immediate risk of being assaulted, the dog, either with or without command, will disable the threat by biting and holding the assailant. The dog will then not release the assailant unless commanded to do so by its owner.

For any further information on personal protection dogs, please contact our customer support team and we will be more than happy to assist you.