What is a cambelt?

The cambelt is also known as the timing belt. A cambelt plays a vital role in keeping your car on the road. Of it breaks, it can have a big effect both in terms of the damage to your car and financially. It’s basically a rubber belt with teeth on it which synchronises the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft. The most importance maintenance item in your vehicle is the engines cambelt.

What does a cambelt do?

A cambelt regulates the way your engine works. It controls the opening and closing of the valves to the cylinders in time to ensure correct combustion in the engine of the car. Its primary role is to control the timing and sequence of the opening and closing.

How often should you change the cambelt in your car?

When it comes down to how often you should change in cambelt in your car, it depends mainly on the car that you have. Most manufacturers suggest either a time-or mileage-based change, depending on which comes first. The vehicle handbook will specify the change frequency, and a garage should let you know if a cambelt change is due when your car’s serviced.

How much does a cambelt change cost?

The cost for changing a cambelt can vary depending on the make of your car and who does the work. Replacing the cambelt can take several hours’ work which involves taking apart the engine block and putting it back together so the labour of this is the most expensive part.

Are there any early-warning signs?

Often there are no signs that the cambelt has reached the end of the road as it’s so deeply embedded in the engine. Also when you have the cambelt replaced, you may not notice any difference in the way your car drives.

The Orange Mountain Bike

The Orange mountain bike

Downhill mountain biking is a type of mountain biking over rough terrain. Rock gardens, drops, jumps and other obstacles are usually a part of downhill mountain biking. Most makes of bikes are really capable, but Orange mountain bikes, available from have a unique selection of mountain bikes for all your downhill mountain biking needs. The bikes can endure rough trails and you have the option of choosing from a wide range of upgrades and customization options.

an Orange mountain bike out on the trails

What kind of bikes are suitable?

To take part in downhill mountain biking competitions you should ensure that your bike is able to withstand impacts and take you through the competition without bursting a tyre or brakes failing. Here are a few things to consider when buying a bike for downhill mountain biking.

Suspensions: Unlike normal mountain bikes, downhill bikes have 200mm suspensions at the front and rear. This allows them to move smoothly over steep descents and rocks.

Frame: The bikes are stronger and heavier than typical mountain bikes.

Forks: They should have double forks with 200mm of travel to withstand impact.

Tyres: Get a mountain bike with strong and aggressive tyres. 2.35 to 2.5 inches is the usual recommendation. You can get different tyre sets to account for dry and muddy trails.

Others: Ensure they have sharp brakes for quick stops. Get a minimum of a compact seven-speed gear for your mountain bike.

Types of races

Downhill races can be individual start races or group start races.

Four cross: This race takes place on a technical track with groups of 4 riders being released. It usually lasts for 1 minute.

Dual slalom: This race has two riders starting the race at the same time on separate but identical routes.

Enduro: This is a popular race where the riders go both uphill and downhill. The riders must cover the whole track. However, only the downhill areas are timed.

You can get an Orange mountain bike from online stores at affordable rates. Ensure that the shop has a good reputation. So get going and experience the great adventure of downhill biking.

Mountain Cross Biking

Free riding

mountain bikingMountain biking is, without doubt, one of the most emotionally rewarding pastime activity which you could ever take up. Riding offers plenty of fun, thrills and adrenaline pumping into your veins. Also, when you feel all stressed up from the strain of your regular schedule, mountain cycling can be the best remedy. Besides greatly alleviating pent up stress, this form of biking does present a wide variety of unparalleled health benefits.

Increases fitness

To begin with, it can push you to a heightened level of cardiovascular activity. This is through been forced to utilize different gear variations, bike structure and even varying riding terrain. Indeed, one of the most fundamental health benefits of adopting such a hobby is significant improvement of cardiovascular fitness. Cycling makes your heart to beat at a much more steadier pace, which can improve your fitness by up to 7%. While, at the same time, minimizing the risk factors of contracting coronary heart disease.

Mountain biking gives great positives

Riding a bike on mountainous terrain can also immensely develop, strengthen and tone your muscles. As such, when you ride on a frequent basis, the muscle groups found on your legs, hips, thigh and buttocks will get more strengthened. This goes a long way in effectively safeguarding the joints located on your hips and knees. Additionally, engaging regularly in riding through mountainous terrain can be an excellent means of enhancing your overall stamina. It also facilitates for a more improved body coordination. This is largely brought about by having to utilize many parts of your body while out riding and navigating in rough terrain.

Low cost to get started

As you can evidently see, mountain biking does offer plenty of benefits for your overall fitness, health and well being. It can also, like earlier noted, assist you in minimizing stress levels from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. This is especially the case if you happen to lead a very busy lifestyle. Finally, it is important to note that the investment needed to take up this pastime is relatively low. All you need is a quality bike and accessories such as a sturdy helmet, knee and elbow pads and you are good to go.

Benefits Of Using Bikes On A Daily Basis

The types of bikes available

a bike crossing dirt pathsThere are various kinds of cube bikes uk depending on the functions they perform in our everyday life. We can use these push bikes to travel to and from work instead of taking the bus or tram if it the distance to be covered is a short one. The best type of bike for this function can be a city bike, commuter bike or comfort bike. We can also use push bikes for shopping and running errands. Such bikes are referred to us utility bikes. We also have bikes that are designed for transporting large or heavy loads. These bikes are known as Freight bikes. They normally have a flat cargo area or large basket. These bikes are used by messengers, butchers, ice cream vendors and many others.

Advantages of push bicycles

Cycling is a healthy, low impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of diverse ages as it causes less strain and injuries than most other forms of physical exercises. Riding to the shops or work and back is a time efficient way to combine regular exercise with the everyday routine that you have. As a result of regular cycling you can be guaranteed improved joint mobility, decrease in stress levels, increased cardiovascular fitness, improved coordination and posture, strong bones, weight loss, reduced depression and anxiety, prevention and management of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, mental illness, stroke, High blood pressure and heart attack .Even for hand cycles (for amputees, people with spinal injuries or other conditions like stroke) that are powered by hand instead of foot pedals, the benefits are pretty much the same.

Environmentally friendly

The benefits of using cube bikes uk have an environmental advantage over other means of transport such as vehicles, motorcycles and many others. These bikes do not emit any fumes or wastes that are harmful to the environment.