Air conditioning hire

As it is approaching summer, many air conditioning companies offer an air conditioning hire service. This service gives customers whether residential or commercial, the opportunity to temporarily install air conditioning into their premises.

Types of portable air conditioning systems

Woman Using Hand Fan

There are many types of air conditioning systems available to hire. These include:

  • Exhaust tube air conditioners
  • Split type air conditioners
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Cooling fans
  • Portable humidifiers
  • High-performance air conditioners

Cooling fans

A cooling fan will not cool the temperature within a room but instead, increase the temperature due to heat generation. However, it will blow cold air in the direction it’s pointing, to cool individuals down.

Evaporative coolers

Unlike cooling fans, evaporative coolers do remove the heat out of the air and cool the room down. This is carried out by the heat from the air, evaporating water from the cooling pads inside the unit.

However, with this type of portable air conditioning unit, you must ensure that the system has a constant flow of air within the room that it is functioning in.  This is because otherwise, it can cause problems with dampness.

The only disadvantage to this unit is that someone will have to remember to constantly top up the internal water reservoir otherwise it will not work.

Portable humidifiers

Portable humidifiers have a range of features built into them and it is fair to say, they are the most advanced portable air conditioning unit. Features can include dehumidifiers, air purifying and heating capabilities.

As far as we can advise, there are no disadvantages to these units. You simply plug the unit into a mains socket of electricity and hang the hose out of an open window or door. However, some may suggest that having the unit close to a door or window is the downside to this unit.