Racking inspection course training

In your warehouse, if you have any type of pallet racking or cantilever racking installed such as wide aisle pallet racking or VNA racking, you will need regular pallet racking inspections. However, these inspections do come at a cost to your company and therefore it might be more beneficial training designated individuals to do this by a training course.

Many companies throughout the UK offer racking inspection training courses.

Racking Inspection Course

What’s a pallet racking inspection?

Pallet racking inspections are mandatory for racking systems in all warehouses and must be carried out at least once a year. The inspection ensures that the racking is safe to use, and the regularity of the inspections is based on risk assessments carried out by the responsible individual also known as the PRRS.

What’s included in the course?

Every course changes depending on the supplier, however, most courses available on the market include the following:

  • Racking variants.
  • Component terminology.
  • SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association).
  • The design and performance of components.
  • SEMA pallet clearances.
  • The legal responsibilities.
  • Inspection of the equipment.
  • SEMA tolerances.
  • Racking protection and preventative damage.

However, as stated above, the sections which are covered within courses can differ from provider to provider.

Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued by the provider. It will include stating the date in which the course was carried out and achieved, the expiry date and the name of the person that taught you the course.